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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Funky Metal Clad House Looks Good Enough To Eat

Lollipop House, Architect Moon Hoon, Metal Cladding, South Korea The Lollipop House by Architect Moon Hoon looks good enough to eat with red and white striped exterior cladding. While the majority of residential architecture in South Korea is constructed using concrete, Hoon came up with a sustainable solution using a timber framing technique. (more…)

Climbable Wooden Building Raises The Bar For Office Design

Office Off, Face of Buildings, Heri & Salli, Alucobond, Photography by Paul Ott Austrian design studio Heri & Salli created a truly unique façade for cladding company Face of Buildings. The building utilizes space for the company to test facades, sun-screens and grow plants, but also provides a leisurely space for the employees to climb on the exterior. (more…)