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Let’s Talk Tech: Finish Consistency

Directionality must be taken into account for ALUCOBOND® PLUS Metallic, Mica, Spectra, Brushed, Printed, Textured and Anodized finishes. For optimum finish consistency, we’ve developed these general guidelines.

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ALUCOBOND® PLUS Finish Consistency Guidelines

When installing ALUCOBOND® PLUS panels several factors should be considered to ensure ideal color and finish consistency. In brief, Metallic and Mica finishes have metallic or mica flakes embedded within the color coat to achieve their respective appearance. The Spectra Collection finishes are dependent on viewing angles; as different wave-lengths of light are reflected, the result is in an ever-changing color gradient with iridescent highlights. Brushed finishes utilize a translucent coating in order to highlight the grain of the aluminum. Additionally a tinted translucent coating can be applied to the aluminum adding to the color palette while still highlighting the brushed appearance of the material.

Printed finishes have a repeat within the design in accordance with manufacturing capabilities. Textured Finishes will be directional as the coating contains mica flakes. In addition, the coating is applied in a directional application and the texture forms as the coating cures, making the textured coating directional as well. There is no repeat in Textured finishes as they are not applied with a textured or engraved roll.

For optimum consistency of finishes, always consider the following general guidelines.

• Maintain panel directionality when estimating, fabricating and erecting panels by observing directional arrows on the reverse side of the panel. In addition, a red directionality warning label is attached to each skid of Metallic finish material. Panels with a Metallic finish should not be erected perpendicular or 180° opposite to each other. Significant color variation will occur if panel directionality is not observed.

• Order all material required for the project at one time. Color variations during production may occur from run to run.

• Minimize the use of different panel widths on the same elevation for Metallic, Mica, Spectra, Brushed, Printed and Anodized finishes. Color may vary according to panel width. It is recommended that one panel width be ordered per project.

• Expect slight color variations throughout a production run when using metallic paints. This variation is due to the nature of metallic pigments and variation in orientation of the flake within the coating.

• When attempting to match ALUCOBOND PLUS panels to extrusions and trim it is important to understand the difference in substrates and application. The method of paint application will affect the orientation of the flake within the coating resulting in a change in appearance and color. For example, a UC code is for a spray application only and does not apply to ALUCOBOND PLUS panels. As a result, expect color differences when comparing an ALUCOBOND PLUS sample to a spray coated sample.

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