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Multicolored Alucobond Panels Create Playful Facade For LEED Platinum Health Center

Calgary Child Development Centre, Kasian Architecture, Thermal Systems, Alucobond, LEED Platinum, Photography University of Calgary LEED Platinum is a certification reserved for only the most sustainable projects in the world. In Canada, the largest LEED Platinum project is the University of Calgary Child Development Centre (CDC), a project built on the ideals of a sustainable future for its patients. Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd. explains, “We discovered a lot about the level of collaboration that is required for a project of this kind. Every design element incorporated into the facility had to be considered from a complexity of angles –functionality, efficiency, sustainability, budget and aesthetics.” (more…)

Vibrant Alucobond Color-Coding System Aids In Hospital Navigation

Marne la Vallee Hospital, Jossigny, France, Brunet Saunier Architecture, Alucobond Spectra, Healthcare Design

Project Name: Marne-la-Vallée Hospital
Project Location: Jossigny, France
Alucobond Materials: Alucobond Spectra Various Colors
Architect: Brunet Saunier Architecture
Photography: Brunet Saunier Architecture
There is a considerable emphasis on the durability of the materials chosen in healthcare design, as reconstruction due to interior or exterior building degradation could be disruptive to patient care. Healthcare facilities are often not the most aesthetically pleasing exterior designs, with primary objectives being technological efficiency and patient comfort. However, as more research is obtained regarding the relationship between building efficiency and patient care, a higher volume of healthcare designs emerge with incorporating these core goals with more attractive designs. (more…)