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Metro Station Attracts Passersby With Iridescent Alucobond Spectra Facade

King Baudouin Metro Station, GS3 Associes, Alucobond A2 Spectra Cupral Situated between the Mini-Europe Park and the royal city of Laeken sits the contemporary access to the King Baudouin metro station. The Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, known in English as STIB-MIVB, commissioned the architects of GS3 Associés for the design. (more…)

New Zealand Museum Dedicated To Kinetic Artist Boasts Reflective Exterior Design

Len Lye Museum, New Zealand, Pattersons Associates, Dezeen, Photography Patrick Reynolds Photography ©Patrick Reynolds
The Len Lye Museum in New Zealand boasts a fully reflective stainless steel façade. Artist Len Lye was renowned for his multimedia and kinetic art pieces in which the museum’s exterior design pays homage to. The reflective nature of the exterior was created using locally sourced steel, which was folded to produce the undulating design. Designed by Pattersons Associates, the façade mirrors its surroundings offering a funhouse effect. (more…)