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Let’s Talk Tech: Color Uniformity of Brushed Finishes

color uniformity of brushed finishes

The ALUCOBOND® PLUS Natural Collection offers inspiring alternatives to typical paint finishes. In particular, our brushed finishes create a level of intrigue and depth which are popular with architects and owners. Unlike standard opaque finishes, brushed finishes are translucent, allowing the color of the aluminum to be a major contributor of the overall final color.

The aluminum coil casting and rolling processes have no color control of the aluminum coil. This results in slight color variations with different coils of the brushed aluminum utilized in the production of ALUCOBOND PLUS Brushed panels. As a result, we recommend the following be taken into consideration in order to maximize color uniformity:

  1. ALUCOBOND PLUS Brushed finishes are directional. Maintain panel directionality when estimating, fabricating and erecting panels by observing directional arrows on the reverse side of the panel. Significant color variation will occur if panel directionality is not observed.
  2. Order all required brushed finish material at one time. Color variation will occur from run to run due to variation in color of aluminum coils utilized.
  3. Larger projects (> 25,000 sq. feet) requiring material from more than one coil, should be designed, fabricated and erected on a project elevation basis. Whenever possible, use only one coil per elevation for large projects. If this is not possible, plan strategic separation points of panels from different coils such as floor lines. Mixing material from multiple coils on the same elevation may result in noticeable variation between panels.
  4. Consider ordering and stocking extra panels of brushed finishes as replacements in the event panels are damaged after project completion. Future production of a brushed finish may not match previously produced material.
  5. Minimize usage and panel layout utilizing different coil widths. Color of brushed finishes will vary according to panel width due to different coils of aluminum.

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For further information about finish consistency of all ALUCOBOND PLUS finishes, please see “Let’s Talk Tech: Finish Consistency”.

Project Shown in Cover:

Connor Group Headquarters, Miamisburg, Ohio, Moody Nolan, Alucobond Natural Brushed Finish, Photography Brad Feinknopf

Project Name: The Connor Group Headquarters 

Location: Miamisburg, Ohio

Alucobond Materials: Alucobond NaturAL Brushed Finish

Architect: Moody Nolan

Fabricator: Royalton Architectural Fabrication, Inc.

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